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    26 December 2013

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It's so difficult to write about your oneself but I have to give it a shot. I am a nerd, I can spend whole days with my books without talking to another soul. I day dream and I imagine different situations I would like to be in. For instance while reading some fantasy fiction I imagine myself to be in land of elves or aliens. I am not completely anti people though; if I am I would never be on this site right? I think I am not unfunny and appreciate people with good sense of humor, but self depreciating humor not patronizing. I don't take myself too seriously and people who do amuse me to no end. I am naturally pessimistic and cynical but not gloomy or sad. I think life is just a dark comedy. What else, I like long walks, (no I am not too fit but still), especially getting lost during a walk. Sea, beaches and lots of green make me happy. Travelling is time consuming(hate airports!) but I always feel emotionally fulfilled after visiting a new place. But my idea of favorite destination keeps on changing. At the moment I am planning to visit Italy and Ireland *keeping my fingers crossed* Despite of my cynicism and pessimism about life in general, I am pretty content with my own life but at times you would like to laugh with another person, even if you are laughing at whole world :p. I would like to meet someone who can hold conversations, not averse to argument but able to forgive, not too traditional and like to live life on his own terms rather than follow other people's idea of perfect life or relationship. And at times he could bring my romantic side out as I would like to do the same with him(its not a threat! :S)
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