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    29 June 2015

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Am a man with great achievements and respected not for the things they really do but for the choices they make. I have decide to be a simple ,loving and impacting person who apart from the achievements of great feet i have planned to have also plan to have a very loving woman and family ..for this is the secret to happiness in life....As life is better reffered as a juxtapositioning of different things ..or say and incoherent cohession of mumble jumble so is my life a mixture of different things, skills, potentials and styles but one thing that unifies all this is the manner by which i express this indept characteristics and that is with a touch of simplicity,love for my fellow men,a mind of philantropy,credence to the Lord God and finally with great love for my loved one...if love were music as it is said pls play on and let it serenade my soul as nothing in the world compares to love.
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