Chat with video

Today we have opened for you to access video chat room!

Invite a user to video chat with his page, or from the chat box.

You'll need to chat with video Flash player version 11.3 or above, as well as a web-camera and microphone (if you want to talk).

Easy sign in with your favourite social networks

Today we have added you a pleasant feature - you can easily and quickly log in to our site with the help of social networks. 

On the page "My identites" (after sign in, click on the icon of the service that you are using and in the future you will be able to enter the site through this service. 

For example, you have an e-mail from Google. You need click on the icon with Google, and follow the instructions. Site will create binding your e-mail to your user name and you will be able to enter the site without entering the password on our site. It is very easy! Just do it.
Picture 1. How to easy sign in on Romantic Love?

Look at for use this authorization scheme.

Recommend to friends!

Recommend our service to your friends (who have not found love) through your favourite social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other.

The more will be the popularity of our site, the faster will appear interesting services for you. Now for you absolutely free of charge correspondence through personal messages and private chat

Our recommendations about your photos

Our recommendations when you add a photo to your profile:

1) Avatar (the first photo) should be with your image, please do not upload images with flowers, animals or the wallpapers. You want to find love or a friend/girlfriend - in this case it would be better if you post your real photograph.
2) Place more than 1 photo - their number is not limited. Such surveys are more popular.

In addition, do not forget about the video. You can add up to 10 clips.

Private chat (one on one)

How are you today?

Today we started for you a chat - where you can communicate in private.

Smileys are available to you too. 

Time of a chat isn't limited. Communicate, while you have desire and free time.

Also don't forget to press at the end of dialogue the 'Close' link. Thus inform your interlocutor that you left from chat room.

First post


Starting from today we will publish in this Romantic love blog interesting posts about the site, the dating services, which were launched and those that are still being planned.

Check for updates - it will go out several times in week.

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