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Dating and Marriage Traditions in Cyprus

A Blend of Warmth and Complexity

Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history that dates back thousands of years. A crossroads of civilizations, it's a place where cultures collide and blend, which is evident in the dating and marriage traditions of its people. Understanding the Cypriot mentality, wedding traditions, marriage statistics, divorce rates, and family structures is essential to grasp the societal norms of this unique country.

The Cypriot Mentality and Dating

Dating in Cyprus is influenced heavily by the warm, familial culture of its people. Cypriots are known for their welcoming and sociable nature, making the island an ideal place for romance to flourish. Traditional gender roles still hold sway in Cypriot society, although this is changing, especially in urban areas where young people are more influenced by Western ideas about dating and relationships.

The Cypriot mentality when it comes to dating is somewhat conservative. Families often expect to have a say in their children's choice of partner, although this is not as strict as it once was. Young couples often meet in local town squares, at beach gatherings, or through family and social events. With the advent of technology, online dating has also seen a rise, allowing Cypriots to meet potential partners beyond their social circles.

The Institution of Marriage in Cyprus

Marriage is considered a significant milestone in a Cypriot's life. It signifies not only the union of two individuals but also the coming together of two families. Orthodox Christian weddings are the most common, reflecting the predominant religion on the island. However, with the increasing diversity of the Cypriot population, civil weddings and other religious ceremonies are also present.

In Cyprus, the average age of first marriage is generally later than what was traditional, as many young adults place a greater emphasis on education and career before settling down. Nevertheless, family values remain strong, and the pressure to marry and start a family can still be significant.

Cypriot Wedding Celebrations

A Cypriot wedding is an affair to remember, often characterized by grandiosity and festivity. The "Stolisma" ceremony, where the couple gets dressed and blessed by their families on the morning of the wedding, is one of the many beautiful traditions. Weddings are typically large, with not only family and friends but often a significant portion of the local community in attendance.

The "Money Dance" is another beloved tradition, where guests pin money on the bride's and groom's clothes as they dance. This is seen as a way to help the couple financially as they start their new life together.

Divorce in Cyprus

Divorce in Cyprus, while still less common than in many Western countries, has become more prevalent in recent years. The divorce rate reflects changes in societal attitudes and the increasing independence of women in the workforce. The process can be challenging due to the island's strong religious and family values, which often discourage separation. However, the law provides for the dissolution of marriage on various grounds, including irreconcilable differences and infidelity.

Family and Children

Family life is central to Cypriot culture, and most couples tend to have children. The average number of children per family has decreased over the years but is usually around one to two children, which is slightly below the European average. This shift is due to various factors, including economic considerations and changing attitudes towards family size and child-rearing.

Extended families often live close to each other, and grandparents play a significant role in raising children. This close-knit family structure provides a robust support system but can also add pressure to conform to traditional expectations regarding marriage and family life.


Cyprus is a land where love and family are celebrated with enthusiasm and where traditions play a significant role in the way relationships and marriages are formed and maintained. Despite modern influences and the changes they bring, Cypriot weddings and family values continue to reflect the depth and warmth of the Mediterranean spirit. As the island navigates the crosscurrents of tradition and modernity, its people hold onto the customs that have been the fabric of their social identity while adapting to a world that is ever-changing.