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Types of Belgian People

In Belgium, the population is primarily divided into three linguistic groups: the Flemish-speaking north (Flanders), the French-speaking south (Wallonia), and the small German-speaking community in the east. These groups have their own cultural nuances, which can subtly influence dating habits and customs.

Flemish (Dutch-speaking): Typically, they are seen as reserved and private at first, preferring to take time in getting to know someone. They value sincerity and straightforwardness in relationships.

Walloon (French-speaking): They are often described as more romantic and expressive compared to their northern neighbors. With a French influence, their approach to dating can be more traditional and courtly.

German-speaking community: This group, although small, carries a mix of German efficiency and Belgian charm. Their dating style can be a combination of both these influences.

Marriage and Family

The trend of late marriages is common in Belgium. Many Belgians prefer to spend significant time with their partners, often living together, before tying the knot. On average, Belgian men marry around the age of 33, while women do so around 31.

The divorce rate in Belgium, like many Western countries, is relatively high. As of the last statistics prior to 2022, it hovered around 40-50%. This reflects the modern realities of relationships but also highlights the emphasis Belgians place on individual happiness and well-being.

Families in Belgium are usually small, with the average number of children being around 1.7 per family. A combination of work-life balance, societal norms, and economic factors contribute to this number.

Character Traits

Belgians, regardless of their linguistic background, are often described as modest, reserved, and pragmatic. They are not known for being ostentatious or overly showy. Instead, they value authenticity, loyalty, and a good sense of humor.

Directness is also a common trait among Belgians, especially among the Flemish. If they have something on their mind, they'll likely speak it. This straightforwardness is often appreciated in relationships as it leaves little room for misunderstandings.

In conclusion, dating in Belgium is a rich blend of tradition, modernity, and regional idiosyncrasies. While the Belgian dating scene might seem reserved at first, beneath the surface lies a culture that values depth, sincerity, and genuine connections. So, whether you're drawn by the allure of the chocolates or the charm of the people, Belgium has a lot to offer for those seeking love.